Capillary materials include platinum iridium , titanium, tantalum and its alloy, niobium ,zirconium, stainless steel, nickel base superalloy, etc. Products are used in medical equipment, aerospace, automotive, communication equipment, precision instruments, etc. Representative products are development ring (medical), puncture needle (medical), heat exchange titanium capillary (aerospace), oxygen sensor heat pipe (automobile), oxygen sensing heat-resistant pipe (automobile),fiber optic casing (communication equipment), anti-corrosion tantalum tube (precision instrument) .


Titanium Capillary Series

At present, we can make the smallest titanium wool tube with an outer diameter of 0.2mm, and the contrast in the figure is a hair. It is observed under a microscope, and the inside and outside of the tube exhibits uniform metal gloss, no oxidation, hydrogenation discoloration, scratching, deformation, burrs, and the like.


Tantalum Capillary Series

Tantalum and niobium, hardness in metal elements is second only to tungsten, ruthenium, 锇, ultra-hydrogenated, but it is the highest corrosion resistant metal, and it is very good with human tissue, commonly used to manufacture medical equipment, special instruments Wait. Because of its special manufacturing process and other metal capillary differences, there are very few companies in China to be manufactured in TA capillary.


Zirconium Capillary

Niobium and Pick Governance Because of its specialty, the specifications of the currently manufactured: Size Specification: Size Specification: Outer Diameter φ0.2 ~ φ8mm, Wall Thickness T0.015 ~ 0.5mm.The Highest Accuracy: Outer Diameter φ ± 0.003 mm, Wall Thickness T ± 0.005 mm, Length L ± 0.05 mm.


Copper Hanging Tube Series

Beryllium copper and Monnkone 400 are two copper nickel alloys, with good elasticity and excellent corrosion resistance, one of the special copper alloy metal materials, widely used in the industrial field. Oxygenless copper is one of the most common metal materials, with good plasticity, widely used in the industrial field. Our company is currently mainly manufacturing high-precision oxygen-absorbing tubes, and the accuracy can reach "micron".


Stainless Steel Capillary Series

Stainless steel is one of the most common metal materials, has good plasticity, corrosion resistance, is widely used in the industrial field. Our company is currently mainly manufacturing high-precision stainless steel capillary, and the accuracy can reach "micron". In order to highlight the advantages of our company in a common material capillary manufacturing.


Soft Magnetic Material Capillary

High-precision soft magnetic material capillary series, soft magnetic material is widely used in electric power, electronics, instrument manufacturing and other fields. Our company is currently capable of manufacturing high-precision soft magnetic material capillary.


Capillary Derived Product

We will not only make tubes, but also use tubes, you can cut the capillary, roll, go to burr, slot, slit, bending and other follow-up processing. With strong processing capacity, it can be customized according to customer needs.


Palladium Alloy Capillary

Palladium-silver alloy capillary is mainly used in precision electronics, precision instruments, nuclear industry and other fields. Our company can currently manufacture high-precision palladium alloy capillary.