Characteristics and treatment methods of stainless steel wire



Characteristics and treatment methods of stainless steel wire

1. Features of stainless steel line


(1) Introduction of stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire classification: stainless steel bright wire, stainless steel axle shaft, stainless steel electrolytic wire, stainless steel full flexible wire, stainless steel back front, stainless steel hydrogen back flexible wire, stainless steel square wire, stainless steel flattening wire, stainless steel polishing wire, stainless steel hairpin wire, stainless steel Stainless steel wire such as semicircle wire.


(2) The unique characteristics of stainless steel materials:

1) Complete product standards and diverse raw materials;

2) The standard precision is high, up to ±0.01mm;

3) Excellent surface quality and good brightness;

4) It has strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue resistance;

5) The chemical composition is stable, the steel is pure, and the inclusion content is low;

6) The packaging is perfect and the price is favorable;

7) Non-standard custom-made.


2. What are the specific uses of stainless steel wire?

Wire rods are generally made of ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel. According to the distribution file directory and main purpose of stainless steel wire, the wire rod includes general high-carbon steel hot-rolled disc rod, high-quality carbon steel wire rod, carbon welding wire rod, heat-treated external thread wire rod, galvanized steel wire rope wire rod, Wire rod for piano stainless steel wire and stainless steel plate wire rod, etc.


(1) General high-carbon steel hot-rolled wire rod (GB701-65) General high-carbon steel hot-rolled wire rod is cold-rolled from low-carbon, environmentally friendly general carbon steel or carbon steel with a lower yield limit. Among the varieties, the widely used wire rod is also called general wire, commonly known as ordinary wire. Scope of application: The general wire is suitable for the concrete structure of the engineering building as a reinforcement diagram, and can also be cold drawn to make a stainless steel wire for binding and other purposes.

(2) General high-carbon steel non-twist-controlled cooling, hot-rolled wire rod (ZBH4403-88) non-twist-controlled cooling, hot-rolled wire rod is made of non-twisting high-speed wire rod extruder after cold rolling and operating refrigeration. The common wire rod is the same, but the non-twist-controlled cooling and hot-rolled wire rods have the advantages of high specification and high precision, good process performance, and high physical properties. Scope of application: The specifications and precision of non-twist-controlled cold and hot-rolled wire rods are divided into three grades: A, B, and C. Grades A, B and C are suitable for main purposes such as metal wire drawing, engineering construction, packaging and welding wires, and grades B and C are suitable for production and processing into anchor bolts, screws and nuts.


(3) High-quality carbon steel wire rod (GB4354-84) High-quality carbon steel wire rod is cold-rolled from high-quality carbon steel. Stainless steel wire is one of the most widely used varieties of wire rods. Scope of application: High-quality carbon steel wire rod is suitable for the production, processing and production of carbon spring steel, oil heat-treated quenched carbon spring steel, prestressed steel wire, high-toughness high-quality carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, hot-dip galvanized stranded galvanized steel wire rope, etc.

(4) High-quality carbon steel without twist-controlled cooling, hot-rolled wire rod (ZBH44002-88) Operational refrigeration is then selected. Compared with high-quality carbon steel wire rod, it has high specification and high precision, good process performance and high physical performance.

3. What are the anti-rust methods for stainless steel wire?


Another summer, when there is a lot of rain, as a manufacturer of stainless steel wire, we would like to remind all friends who use stainless steel to pay attention to rust prevention of stainless steel. The source of the name of stainless steel is the steel that is not easy to rust, not the steel that does not rust. We also need careful maintenance.

(1) Stainless steel jewelry, stainless steel chain jewelry is usually made of stainless steel jewelry wire of 304 or 316 raw materials. The reason for the rust of stainless steel jewelry is that the sweat of the human body may stick to other acid and alkali substances, so as long as the stainless steel is kept away These substances are good. If they stick, they can be washed with water and dried. The stainless steel wire will not rust as long as it does not touch the acid and alkali for a long time.


(2) Stainless steel spring, stainless steel spring is made of stainless steel spring wire. A layer of material is added to the surface of the stainless steel spring, in the form of stainless steel and other direct touch, or better raw materials, such as 316 stainless steel, are used to make stainless steel spring wires.

(3) Electronic cigarette heating wire, stainless steel wire for electronic products. The better anti-corrosion ability of these products is to use better raw materials, such as 316 stainless steel wire.


(4) The hardware accessories are made of medium-hard stainless steel wire. What is needed is not to touch water and acid-base etc. for a long time.


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