400 series stainless steel science


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  • 400 series stainless steel science 400 series stainless steel is an iron, carbon and chromium alloy. Because it does not contain nickel, it is a kind of nickel stainless steel, which is also called...


400 series stainless steel science

400 series stainless steel is an iron, carbon and chromium alloy. Because it does not contain nickel, it is a kind of nickel stainless steel, which is also called stainless iron. The 400 series stainless steel contains martensite structure and iron, which not only has normal magnetic characteristics, but also has a strong anti -high temperature oxidation capacity. Compared with carbon steel, its physical and mechanical characteristics have further improved. And most 400 series stainless steel can be treated.

400 series stainless steel

1. Ingredients and characteristics

The commonly used 400 -series stainless steel varieties include 430, 410, 420, 409L, etc. Among them, 430 stainless steel has the largest use. The content of 430 stainless steel chromium is 18%, which is characterized by cheap price, small thermal expansion coefficient, chlorine resistance and corrosion corrosion than 300 series stainless steel varieties; The stainless steel model is less than 300, so it limits its scope of use. 410 and 420 stainless steel chromium content is 13%, and their main features are high hardness.

400 series stainless steel

In the case of the same chromium content of 400 series stainless steel, in the oxidized medium such as atmosphere, freshwater and nitric acid, its corrosion resistance is the same as the 300 series stainless steel, and it is better than the 200 series stainless steel. Adding to trace, titanium, copper, aluminum and other elements can improve its deep -rushing performance, weldability, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, which can partially replace 300 series stainless steel.

2. Steel classification

We know that depending on the gold phase tissue, stainless steel can be divided into three types: ferrite, martensite, and austenitic, while 400 -series stainless steel is mainly ferrite and martensite.

400 series stainless steel

Ironin stainless steel: The chromium content is generally 12%to 30%. It usually does not contain nickels. Sometimes it contains a small amount of MO, Ti, NB and other elements. In the use of the state of the state, it is tissue of iron stainless steel. It has the characteristics of large thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficients, good antioxidant, and excellent antioactive corrosion. It is mostly used to create parts with atmospheric, water vapor, water and oxidative acid corrosion. However, there are disadvantages such as poor plasticity, post -welding plasticity and corrosion resistance. The application of exterior refining technology (AOD or VOD) can greatly reduce carbon and nitrogen gap elements and make them widely used. The common 400 series stainless steel models are 430, 409L.

400 series stainless steel

Matrheous stainless steel: chromium content is not less than 12%(generally 12%~ 18%), high carbon content, use state tissue is martensite, and stainless steel that can adjust its mechanical properties through heat treatment can be adjusted. Popularly speaking, it is a type of hardening stainless steel. The common 400 series stainless steel models are 410, 420, 440, 436L.

3. Application scope

The 400 series stainless steel has a wide range of applications. Here are some related application areas.

The exhaust pipe, muffler, tail tube, catalyst, etc. of the automotive exhaust system are 409L, 444, 436L, 439, 441, 429.

400 series stainless steel

The inner steel type of washing machine, the main steel species are 439, 430, 430J1.

Tableware, kitchen washing grooves, soup utensils, composite pot bottoms, etc. The main steel species are 430, 420J1, 420J2, 410s.

Building roof materials, the main steel species are 445, 446m.

400 series stainless steel

Summary: 400 series stainless steel and 200 and 300 series stainless steel occupy the same position in our lives. It is an indispensable helper in our lives. Regardless of the severe cold and heat, they can always compete for every job with stable characteristics!

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